Q. Why do I need SEO packages?

A. If you want to rank high in search engines you need SEO on continues basis. Our low cost monthly plans are best solutions to your SEO needs.

Q. How many days you take to complete the work?

A. It will take 15-20 days(business days) to complete the package. But in some cases, might take a little time more. Sorry if it will inconvenient you.

Q. What Do you need from me to get started?

A. We need 1 URL and 2-3 keywords. We accept ONLY 1 URL and 2-3 KEYPHRASE (Not Generic KeyPhrase). Your KeyPhrase will be used 70% of the link building efforts and we will use Long-Tailed Keywords and Your Brand Name in 30% of the Phase 1 Links. Having Brand Names in anchor are now gets more importance to search engines and surely will get more and more value with time, trust that.

Q. What is tier 1 & tier 2 & how it is beneficial for my website?

A. on the backlink creation process in order to keep your website from any kind of search engine penalty we built this system,where in tier 1 we build backlinks from sites only with high quality,trusted & authority sites in order give long term value on organic ranking on your website. This are the safest & best link building techniques in online now. On tier 1 all the backlinks points at your website following extreme google guidelines to ensure quality & longevity.
On tier 2 we build additonal backlinks from various medicore sources pointing at those tier 1 baclinks to help them recognize by google. The purpose of these layer is to keep pass authority backlinks juices all the way to your website safely.

Q. What is social media?

A. we share your website on popular social networking sites such as facebook,twitter,google plus etc to build branding,social awareness. It also found from our recent work experience getting social media signals from those websites helps greatly to improve your ranking in Google.

Q. Do you provide any report?

A. yes we provide a complete tier 1 backlinks report once work is completed.

Q. Do you accept Foreign Language Keywords?

A. We accept all Non English keywords as well for any of our package. We have been doing successful link building for English and Non English Keywords.

Q. I have ordered some other service, and got no increase, does your service work?

A. Keep in mind no SEO can guarantee results as we cannot control how the search engines sees and think of your website, but we can always try our possible best to get you up there. And with this service there is a high certainty of achieving that feet.
From experience, our clients have always been happy as we have pushed many website to top of search with their keywords, we hope to add your website to our lists of success and we hope you're among our happy clients. And if you are for the long term, you surely will be getting rank increase time after time.

Q. I need to rank also in other search engines, is that possible?

A. Yes, it is possible. We work extremely well for all search engines. We always consider if Google went out of its value (like Yahoo did surrender to Google itself some years back), then other engines like Yahoo and Bing will still have their stand and authority.

Q. Do you offer custom packages?

A. Yes,we do. Send us a message with your requirements.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. You can track your order at any time by Sending us a Message.